M.G.M. Institute of Biosciences & Technology

B. Sc. Bioinformatics

Course Duration: 3 years
Affiliation: Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University
Eligibility: HSC Science with minimum 45% marks (40% for Reserved Category)

The 3-year Undergraduate programme in Bioinformatics introduces students to theoretical and practical approaches to problems in computational biology. This involves the collection, analysis, storage and manipulation of biological data. The course structure is designed to introduce the students to a wide range of programming languages commonly used in the life sciences, including C, JAVA, R, Python and Perl. Our teaching methods combine classroom lectures with guided coding sessions and laboratory demonstrations to provide a holistic learning experience. Graduates usually find employment in agricultural and pharmaceutical industries, research laboratories, academic institutions and government organisations. Some graduates may seek to further their academic career by opting for a postgraduate programme in Bioinformatics or any of its allied fields.

Semester I

1] Basic Biophysics-I
2] Fundamentals of Biology-I
3] Basic Chemistry-I
4] Basic Mathematics & Statistics- I
5] Basic of Computers
6] Introduction to Cell Biology

Semester II

1] Basic Biophysics-II
2] Fundamentals of Biology-II
3] Basic Chemistry-II
4] Basic Mathematics & Statistics- II
5] Programming in C
6] Introduction to Genetics

Semester III

1] Biomolecules
2] Database Management System
3] Molecular Structure and Enzyme Kinetics
4] Basic Techniques in Biology
5] OOPs using JAVA
6] Introduction to Bioinformatics

Semester VI

1] Metabolism
2] Introduction to Data Structure & Algorithm
3] Central Dogma
4] Advanced JAVA
5] Introduction to Chemoinformatics
6] Genomics & Proteomics

Semester V

1] Bioinformatics Methods
2] Molecular Cell Biology
3] Immunology
4] Phylogenetic & Molecular Evolution
5] Virology
6] Molecular Modelling & Drug Design

Semester VI

1] Introduction to Pearl
2] Metabolomics
3] Advanced Molecular Genetics
4] Plant Phylogeny
5] Recombinant DNA Technology
6] Drug Regulatory Affairs & IPR

As per the university rules 75% attendance is compulsory for every course

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