PG Course 1

M.Sc. Biotechnology

Biotechnology is the youngest of the sciences. It is the fastest growing technical discipline and has probably gained more information per year than any other field of science.

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PG Course 2

M.Sc. Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics is the emerging field that deals with the computer application to the collection, organization, analysis, manipulation, presentation, and sharing of biologic data.

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PG Course 3

M.Sc. Plant Biotechnology

Plant biotechnology is a fascinating & challenging field of research with a wide scope & immense possibilities of producing improved varieties of plants, free from pest & diseases.

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PG Course 4

M.Sc. Plant Breeding & Molecular Genetics

This field is so broad, plant breeding technicians may specialize in various areas such as plant genetics, conservation work, environmental biology, Mycology, taxonomy, etc.

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